De Messenwinkel 160 jaar

Logo update for the 160th anniversary of the legendary Antwerp knife store “De Messenwinkel”


StripKiosk: a Periodical about vintage Belgian comics. I do all the lay-out and digital photo restoration.


Willy Vandersteen: Kunstenaar in woord en beeld

I have been busy working on the lay-out of a series of books about legendary flemish comic-artist Willy Vandersteen, written by Peter Van Hooydonck. Part 5 coming soon…

Wrill: Translating hand-drawn lettering

Wrill is an old comicbook (1942) bij Albert Fromenteau, originally published in French. I made some new letters for the dutch translation, while trying to stay as true to the original as possible.
Published by ‘t Vlaams Stripcentrum.

D&D Characters update